“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” - Dr. Seuss

New international Blogger joining our network

We finally got a few new international bloggers on board:www.laufband-vergleich.deA blog about sports, running and treadmills.  If you are interested in joining, please contact us.

Got to try QWidget for Blog Engagement – and Peering into the Future

Well ... we will, here on, in fact - one of our founders, Marshall Sponder - Webmetricsguru - posted about how QWidget Creates Visitor Engagement - and on our blogs - we're constantly looking for ways to improve the two way communicaton and, frankly, to better monitize them - ...

Maximizing People Lists – according to “Blogger King”

Well .... i don't know if "Blogger King" has an answer for you - but his advice makes perfect sense to me - only that putting Kevin Rose's name in any list, for example, makes the whole idea of lists sorta nonsensical - but ... in the list of Influencers ...

Find the Influencers – Web Analytics and Social Media

At BlogSpeedWay, we're interested in creating research along with creating and publishing informational blogs. We've created a methodology to identify influencers - there's nothing all that new about this, but we've added some targeting and filtering of our own and here's a list of top Web Analytics and Social Media blogs, ...

Blogspeedway at Virtual Worlds Hollywood

Standing here checking into my hotel at the Willshire Grand. Attending Virtual Worlds Hollywood today and Thursday at the Los Angeles convention center and you can read about it at, a blogspeedway blog.

Blogspeedway beta launch!

Welcome to Blogspeedway - the fast way to get your blog up to speed. We are now accepting new blogs in our blog community. If you'd like to join, post your blog below  in the comments. Your Blogspeedway team

September 26th 2015
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We've just added a new partner to our network: Visualobserver is a new startup in the competitive analytics space.  Their software is currently in beta, so stay tuned to the official launch.
March 11th 2013
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New Blog Joins Blogspeedway

A new interesting blog just joined us! It's a Jet charter service based in Germany. Good luck with your blogs and please don't hesitate to tap into our community.
September 28th 2012
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New Bloggers Join

Blogspeedway constantly adds new bloggers small and large. This week we've added the following new members: Jessica Fasel - A travel blog written by Jessica Fasel    
March 5th 2012
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International Blog Joining Blogspeedway

More and more blogs join our small network and we are more than happy to take them onboard even that we do not offer as much research data as we do to our US blogs. is a blog about elliptical training, crosstrainers and other fitness related topics. Check it out.
January 11th 2012
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More Bloggers Joining Blogspeedway

Two new sites were added to our inventory: - which is a blog about video infographics. Video info graphics are visual representations of data and information in videos. Another blog that we've recently added is, which is a comparison site for printing products.  


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